Birkbeck School Campaign taken to Number 10

Our local MP, James Brokenshire, made a special delivery to Number 10 Downing Street last Wednesday to hand in work prepared by children from Birkbeck Primary School in Sidcup showing their support for the “Send my Friend to School” campaign.  The colourful drawings and artwork depicted the children’s ideal teachers to show their support to a commitment to get every primary school aged child worldwide to school by 2015. 

The children’s work is part of a national campaign highlighting that over 60 million children around the world are still missing out on an education.  The campaign highlights the Millennium Development Goal supported by all 193 members of the United Nations to ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.  

Commenting James said:

“The children from Birkbeck Primary School should be congratulated for their initiative in highlighting this important campaign.  Their artwork was fantastic, clearly involving a great deal of work, but with an important message behind it. 

“Education has the power to transform young people’s lives wherever they are and too many children around the world are still missing out.  It is a privilege to have been asked to take this message to the Prime Minister on behalf of children from one of our own local schools.”