Qatada Deported

Our local MP, James Brokenshire, has warmly welcomed the deportation of Abu Qatada to Jordan saying that the Government’s steadfast resolve had been vindicated.

The Security Minister was at the Home Office with senior officials through the early hours of Sunday morning to monitor the final stages of Qatada’s removal. Qatada’s departure from RAF Northolt marks the conclusion of efforts to remove him which have been on-going since 2001.

In his role as Security Minister James Brokenshire has had day to day responsibility for the deportation of Abu Qatada, reporting to the Home Secretary. James travelled to Amman in March and led negotiations with the Jordanian Government to secure the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty which ultimately heralded Qatada’s removal. The reciprocal treaty guarantees a fair trial for anyone deported from either country.

James said:
“Determination, resolve and sheer hard work now means that this dangerous man has been removed from this country.” 

“Qatada’s deportation underlines our commitment to deport foreign nationals who threaten our security whilst upholding the rule of law.

“The process, however, has been unacceptably long and costly. That’s why I welcome forthcoming measures in the migration Bill to remove the many layers of appeals available to foreign nationals we want to deport. 

“We must also keep open all options for reform of our human rights laws.”