Old Bexley & Sidcup Conservative Association (OBSCA) members and elected representatives are working hard for the people of Bexley, Blackfen, Foots Cray, Sidcup, Welling, and their surrounding areas. Not just at election time - all the time. They are volunteers from all walks of life, who believe in the core Conservative principles and want to make them a reality.

They have fun together, raising money for campaigning, delivering leaflets, talking to electors and getting involved in campaigns. Members have more opportunities to discuss local and national policies with their Councillors and MP. Members are also welcome to take part in our regular Policy Forums where we debate Conservative policy and provide feedback to Conservative Central Office.

To apply to become a Councillor, a School Governor, or a Member please visit the Membership page.


OBSCA Officers
Ann Morrison - Chairman
Kurtis Christoforides - Deputy Chairman (Political)
Cllr Nigel Betts - Deputy Chairman (Fundraising)
Cllr Louie French - Deputy Chairman (Membership)
Cllr Cheryl Bacon - Treasurer
Cllr June Slaughter - President

Debbie Chester Office Administrator / Secretary
Kathryn Hefford Office Administrator / Secretary


Please feel free to contact us via 020 8300 3471 or e-mail us at via oldbexley@tory.org You can also write to us at Old Bexley & Sidcup Conservative Association (OBSCA), 19 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7EB