OBSCA Councillors

Old Bexley & Sidcup has eight Electoral Wards and each Ward has three elected Councillors. As of the June 2014 the Conservatives hold 23 of the 24 seats.

**Please note that the information on this page will be updated following the May 2018 elections where there will be changes to the existing ward boundaries. **

If you are interested in becoming a future candidate you need to ensure that you satisfy the criteria listed on the bottom right-hand side of this webpage before sending your CV to us at 19 Station Road,Sidcup,DA15 7EB. Should you have any queries please phone on 020.8300.3471 or email oldbexley@tory.org

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Blackfen & Lamorbey
Cllr Brian Beckwith 
Cllr Peter Craske 

Blendon & Penhill
Cllr Graham D'Amiral 
Cllr Steven Hall
Cllr Nick O'Hare

Cray Meadows
Cllr Cheryl Bacon 
Cllr Ross Downing 
Cllr Don Massey 

East Wickham
Cllr Christine Catterall
Cllr James Hunt 
Cllr Cafer Munur

Falconwood & Welling
Cllr Nigel Betts
Cllr Val Clark 
Cllr Louie French

Cllr Gareth Bacon 
Cllr Andy Dourmoush
Cllr David Leaf

Cllr Aileen Beckwith
Cllr Rob Leitch
Cllr June Slaughter

St. Mary's
Cllr Alan Downing
Cllr Alex Sawyer
Cllr Colin Tandy

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