Blackfen & Lamorbey


Cllr Peter Craske, Cllr Cafer Munur, Cllr James Hunt


Here are a few of the things we have achieved for local people: 

  • Blackfen and Lamorbey ward has seen over £1m of investment over the last four years with Conservative Councillors, and we've achieved a lot for residents over the years.

  • We're not just local councillors though, Peter, James and Cafer are local residents too, and we shop in the same shops as you, use the same services as you and support local businesses too.
  • We always enjoy chatting to residents while queuing in the Co-Op in Halfway Street or over a pint in one of the new micropubs.
  • We campaigned for, and delivered, the roundabout at the junction of Halfway Street and Willersley Avenue a decade ago, and only last autumn, our seven year campaign to get Gloucester Parade rebuilt was achieved! And we also delivered the new paved area, trees and benches at the top of Days Lane.
  • We also joined with 4,000 residents to secure the funds to transform Parish Woods from a wasteland to an amazing new park and wildlife habitat. It is always great to see people out enjoying themselves there.
  • We have recently secured over £500,000 of funding to improve the pavements on Blackfen Road.
  • We worked hard to ensure Blackfen continued to have a fantastic community library and we often help pay for community events in Blackfen from our own pockets. More recently we have been staging community clean up days, joining residents in our hi-viz jackets and litter picking equipment to clear up litter - and we have been able to get all the litter bins in our local parks replaced with new, larger ones.
  • Our ward is also part of what is the largest ever street tree planting programme in Bexley - we helped plant some of the new street trees before Christmas and hope we can plant even more this coming winter.
  • Blackfen and Lamorbey ward is also one of the safest places to live in London - it has the second lowest rate of crime in Bexley - which is London's safest Borough.

Cllr Peter Craske

Peter has represented Blackfen and Lamorbey since 2002, and still bursts with pride whenever he goes past the roundabout at Halfway Street - his first campaign pledge which was delivered within two years. He has served in the Cabinet since 2006 and currently serves as Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure, and sits on the Board of the Eltham Crematorium. As a Cabinet Member he created Bexley's first playground with features especially designed for children with special needs or disabilities.

Cllr Cafer Munur 

Cafer is a married father of two, who has lived happily with his family in Sidcup for the last 21 years. Cafer started his working life locally in Bexley within the financial sector for 15 years. For the past 2 years Cafer has setup and managed a healthcare clinic in Sidcup, alongside his wife. Cafer has been a Bexley councillor for the last 4 years, helping residents with difficult issues such as social care, housing, planning and school admissions. He is also a local NHS governor. 

Cllr James Hunt

James has lived locally in Blackfen all his life.  He went to school (Westwood) and college (Rose Bruford) here locally, he got his first job here and still lives here with his wife and two children (plus their springer spaniel Jasper). For a day job he works in the charity sector and is Head of Fundraising for a national health charity. For the past 12 years he has represented local people as a Councillor and has championed local youth services, health and social care issues.  He has been a Scrutiny Chairman for 10 years and this currently includes scrutiny of all our local health issues in Bexley as well as being Chair of the the Joint Health Scrutiny for South London. His oldest son recently joined Beavers, and he is proud to be Vice President of GLSE (Bexley & Bromley) Scouts. As a Councillor James cares deeply about our local community, he lives here too