Blendon & Penhill


From Left to Right: Cllr David Leaf, Cllr Nick O'Hare & Cllr Adam Wildman

Achievements for Blendon & Penhill

  • Secured funding for extra street trees across the ward. The number planted is set to double in 2018.
  • Are leading the way in trying to prevent fly tipping and litter problems across the ward.  
  • Improved road safety on a number of roads including Beechways, Blendon Drive, Bladindon Drive etc..
  • Secured new energy efficient street lights across the ward.
  • Supported residents with on-going planning problems.
  • Worked with residents and local businesses at the Oval to eradicate anti social behaviour in that area.
  • Campaigned for numerous roads to be re-surfaced, pavements improved and have yellow lines installed in appropriate places. 
  • Worked with the Police on safety issues and volunteered at community events.

Cllr David Leaf

I am an experienced Bexley Councillor who has lived in the Borough all my life. Having been to school in the Borough and previously worked in a local small business I am extremely passionate about supporting high quality education for all and making Bexley an even better place for businesses to invest, grow and thrive. My priorities are to campaign to keep our streets clean, roads maintained and communities safe and to help families own their own homes so Bexley remains a great place to both live and work.

Cllr Nick O'Hare

I am a local businessman and have represented Blendon and Penhill ward since 2006 and East Wickham ward from 1998 to 2005.  I have lived in and around Bexley since 1985. I am committed to helping the residents of Blendon and Penhill, and of Bexley, to the best of my ability.

Cllr Adam Wildman

I am a local resident that is committed to prioritising the needs of the residents of Blendon & Penhill. This includes conveying the concerns of residents to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team; working with Councillors to ensure that the local roads are managed in an efficient manner, especially around our schools; and making sure the Hurst Community Centre continues to deliver valuable services to residents.